Last updated 2006-12-06.

Kragen Javier Sitaker's home

It should be noted that my name was Kragen Javier Sittler before my first marriage.

This whole set of web pages really needs reorganizing and rewriting with some kind of a hierarchy-aware, template-based tool. One of these days I'll get around to it. :)

People I know

In 2000, I made a list of people I know; I wrote a small script to generate this HTML listing from this text file.


I haven't been putting up a lot of web pages recently; instead, I've been posting to some mailing lists I run, which you are welcome to join.

There's also a rather clumsy directory of worthwhile mail I've sent, mostly one-to-one. Lots of interesting stuff, but it's ugly to look at, clumsy to navigate, and I haven't added much to it lately.

Miscellaneous web pages

These come first because they're the most popular. They are ordered roughly by popularity.


These are texts of different kinds, mostly indicating my thoughts on random matters. More recently, I've pretty much given up posting these on web pages, and just sent them to my mailing lists. (See the top of this page.)

Useful Software

This is software that was written to fulfill some purpose other than the mental exercise of writing it. That doesn't mean it's actually useful, just that it was intended to be useful. This includes Kragen's Dynamic DNS, a command-line dictionary-lookup program `wwwebster', Hotmac (a prototype macro language for writing HTML), metext (another one), a Markov-chain travesty generator, a Tk desk calculator, a CGI searchable RFC index (with a more convenient command-line version), and more. It used to be listed here, but it got too big, so I made it its own page.

Useless software

This is software I wrote just for fun, or for examples. Most of the new useless software I write goes to my Kragen Hacks list.