Dercuano is a few thousand pages of notes I mostly haven’t published before.

Buried among the errors, red herrings, and ratholes, there are numerous wonderful insights (perhaps even a few of them original), many fascinating facts about the world (many of which are true, and a few of which are original observations), and a wide variety of inventive ideas about what is possible and what could be done, in particular ideas about how to improve the world with new hardware and software — a few of them workable.

Sitaker, Kragen Javier. (2019). Dercuano (Version 20191230). Zenodo.

Dercuano as a gzipped tarball of HTML is here. For hand computers that can't handle tarballs of HTML, there's also a PDF: Dercuano 20191230.

“Dercuano” is a mutated version of the Spanish word “cuaderno”, “notebook”, and also delightfully an anagram of “educaron”, as John Cowan points out.

I’m not confident I’ll be able to keep a server running to serve up my notes, so I bundled them up into an archive of pregenerated HTML, which anyone who has a copy can unpack and read, without requiring any online resources.

Known errata are collated on the Dercuano project on Gitlab.

Previous PDF versions: Prerelease PDF: Dercuano pre-20191230-2 Previously: Dercuano pre-20191230 Previously: Dercuano pre-20191229-2 Previously: Dercuano pre-20191229 Previously: Dercuano pre-20191228-2 Previously: Dercuano pre-20191228 Previously: Dercuano pre-20191227