Kragen Sitaker's home

It should be noted that my legal name is still Kragen Sittler.

This is a very bare-bones home page, intentionally. It'll get more organized when there's more to organize. My home home page is much worse.

Dynamic DNS

This is somewhat obsolete now; instead of using this, as of August, I'm using the dynamic-domain service at Monolith. So the below is on hold.

I wrote a simple DNS-update server in the first week of May; it's currently locally tested and working OK. I'm looking for a place to test it outside of my home machine; I need a machine that has a static IP address and I need a DNS delegation from somewhere. It's able to run as part of a multi-zone production nameserver, but it does need to be able to send signals to the nameserver.

The code is available in dynamic-dns-toy-3.tar.gz, which is less than 10K. It's mostly written in Perl, except for the start-server shell script and the sighup-named.c program, which runs as root, and is written in C. A Linux-2.0.0-ELF binary is included.

If you decide to use or test it, please keep in mind that it's pre-alpha code; let me know you're using it, so I can incorporate fixes for the bugs you discover back into the main source.