Reduced-dimensionality color scheme generation

are the basis colors producing the above palette.

Change: uniform basis gaussian basis

uniform subtractive palette gaussian subtractive palette uniform additive palette gaussian additive palette

Whereas natural phenomena like a tree or a sunset or the iris of a blue-eyed boy often speak in vocabularies of colors drawn from a one- or two-dimensional subspace (or nearly) of the color cube, because they are mostly colored by a basis of only one or two pigments or light filters; and those are often not very saturated, either because they are somewhat amorphous solids with their typical broad-spectrum spectral absorption features or generalized phenomena like Rayleigh scattering or dispersion whose effect varies gradually by wavelength; and much of the variation in color is in luminance; and

Whereas humans recognize the underlying simplicity of the color space, perhaps, and reflect it in a sense of peace and tranquility in our hearts; while the more diverse and saturated colors produced by jewelry and larger numbers of highly saturated pigments arouse in us more of a sense of excitement, like punk rock.

Herewith a short program in JavaScript that randomly generates colors with a similar process.