About Kragen Javier Sitaker

(photo of Kragen and Beatrice here)
Kragen and Beatrice in Mérida, Venezuela, in 2006
photo courtesy Beatrice Murch, cc-by-sa 2.0

Last updated 2011-12-17.

I used to be Kragen Javier Sittler; I changed my name in 1997 when I married Marilyn Sitaker (previously Marilyn O'Brien). Now I'm married to Beatrice Murch. We used to live in San Francisco, but we've been living in Buenos Aires since November 2006.

We don't have any kids.

I'm not looking for work, but an outdated resume is available online.

According to my cousin, I am not boring. My solution to mosquitoes is a fireball. I pulled up my roots and moved halfway around the world because of philosophy. I think about making fridges out of styrofoam and computers out of aluminum, brass, soapstone, or thread. My solution to moles is a red-hot poker. My solution to most claims is to test them as immediately and thoroughly as I can (Corelleware will, it turns out, break on a wood floor). I do abstract math and computational problems for fun.

With dreary mundane problems that everyone has typical solutions to, I go at them from my own crazy angle. Frustrating? Sometimes. But not, I am told, boring.

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I've also used the email addresses to1sittler@apsicc.aps.edu, kragen@unm.edu, kjs@zynet.com, kragen@dnaco.net, kragen@gentle.dyn.ml.org, kragen@kragen.dnaco.net, kragen@tcs.com, kragen@puma.tcs.com, kragen@tcsi.com, and kragen@pobox.com. I used to post a lot on Usenet with some of them.

In addition to the above networks that you can use to contact me, I am part of the Canonical Hackers, the free-software community, the open-source community, the THINK Conference, bab5, tbtf-irregulars, FoRK, Burning Man, the United States, and the internet.

Identity is complicated.