About Kragen Javier Sitaker

(photo of Kragen and Beatrice here)
Kragen and Beatrice in Mérida, Venezuela, in 2006
photo courtesy Beatrice Murch, cc-by-sa 2.0

Last updated 2015-09-03.

I used to be Kragen Javier Sittler; I changed my name in 1997 when I married Marilyn Sitaker (previously Marilyn O'Brien). From 2003 to 2012 (or officially 2013) I was married to Beatrice Murch. We used to live in San Francisco, but we've been living in Buenos Aires since November 2006.

I don't have any kids.

I'm not looking for work, but an outdated resume is available online.

According to my cousin, I am not boring. My solution to mosquitoes is a fireball. I pulled up my roots and moved halfway around the world because of philosophy. I think about making fridges out of styrofoam and computers out of aluminum, brass, soapstone, or thread. My solution to moles is a red-hot poker. My solution to most claims is to test them as immediately and thoroughly as I can (Corelleware will, it turns out, break on a wood floor). I do abstract math and computational problems for fun.

With dreary mundane problems that everyone has typical solutions to, I go at them from my own crazy angle. Frustrating? Sometimes. But not, I am told, boring.

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I've also used the email addresses to1sittler@apsicc.aps.edu, kragen@unm.edu, kjs@zynet.com, kragen@dnaco.net, kragen@gentle.dyn.ml.org, kragen@kragen.dnaco.net, kragen@tcs.com, kragen@puma.tcs.com, kragen@tcsi.com, and kragen@pobox.com. I used to post a lot on Usenet with some of them.

In addition to the above networks that you can use to contact me, I am part of the Canonical Hackers, the free-software community, the open-source community, the THINK Conference, bab5, tbtf-irregulars, FoRK, Burning Man, the United States, and the internet.

Identity is complicated.