The Canonical Hackers Homepage

... Executive Summary ... hosts lots of content, some of which some or all of us disagree with, and provides network services on a volunteer basis to a variety of organizations, including organizations some or all of us are sometimes at odds with.
... In More Detail ...
In the interest of free speech, any Canonical Hacker is allowed to host and serve any content on panacea they want without consulting the group, unless it puts panacea or the group in danger; content that puts panacea in danger needs at least group discussion and probably rough consensus. "Content that endangers panacea" includes stuff that is blatantly illegal where panacea is hosted, stuff that would make panacea's network provider want to pull the plug, and stuff that attracts DDoS attacks.

"Content" includes things like mailing lists and IRC, not just web pages.
... Clarifications ...
  • Canonical Hackers are allowed to host and serve content on behalf of others. For example, a hacker is allowed to put his cousin's art on his web pages or serve web pages on behalf of local nonprofit organizations.
  • Canonical Hackers are allowed to use their panacea access to make statements and promote agendas other hackers disagree with and/or find repugnant.

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