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We aren't hackers in the more common sense of the word. We do not break in to any computer systems. Many of us are system administrators who believe in the SAGE Code of Ethics.

We aren't Canonical Software, either. They seem like a nice bunch, though.
paulv was the sysadmin for Cinternet and now does GNU/Linux consulting. He is also a GIMP hacker and a supporter of the Free Software Movement. jrbl is the token Buddhist of the group, and the token Dvorakist. He enjoys rock climbing, hacking and lots of other stuff. He has the bestest doggy in the whole wide world!
jasonc is freelance sysadmin and GNU/Linux consultant. He is currently focusing on PurpleWiki and event driven programming. In his sparse free time he enjoys blowing stuff up in virtual environments matthew has a degree from the University of Cincinnati and lives in Bloomington, IN with his girlfriend Beth. He currently works for Indiana University.
brett is a student at the University of Kentucky. He works for the FSF, is a member of Amnesty International, and he has very complex and symbiotic relationship with video games. evan was a student at Kent State University, where he majored in Computer Science. Sadly, Evan passed away early in 2003, we miss him a lot.
kragen used to work at a little startup called KnowNow. He lives in Buenos Aires. brian works for UITS at Indiana University. He also takes classes when he can. He is a proud member of the EFF and has unhealthy addictions to video games, livejournal, and miso soup.

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